Google Uses Small Boats Parade In Search To Celebrate The Unblocking Suez Canal

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The Ever Given cargo ship is no longer stuck after days of blocking the Suez Canal waterway and now Google is celebrating this momentous and absurd moment in human history.

The Ever Given which is operated by Evergreen Marine placed the shipping industry into a tight corner and now the reopening of the Suez Canal to regular shipping traffic and the precious lifeblood continues to flow.

An Easter egg in Google searches for the phrase “Suez Canal” and “Ever Given” shows a tiny parade of cute small emojis of boats marching across the screen and it’s a way of celebrating.

There’s probably a larger metaphor to be made about the flow of information on the internet that Google search facilities and the similarly unrepressed flotilla of real-world cargo now making its way through the canal if you wanted to. Or you can just enjoy the fun emoji.