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Government officials discuss soldiers’ demands in Burkina Faso

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Soldiers have staged a revolt in several army bases in Burkina Faso to demand the departure of army chiefs and better means to fight

The army uprising is the newest threat to president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré in the face of jihadist violence that attacked the country in

On the streets, many reclaim the need for change at the top.

A supporter of the army, Abdoulaye Kanazoé said, “We have seen enough, we don’t want the crying, we don’t want the orphans. We have seen enough, the president must leave. He has to leave, we support the soldiers. They must resist.”

Others who decided not to reveal their identity due to anonymity added, “We have heard that the army is going to take over and we support the army. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and even before we supported the army.”

“So, we, the population, really went out to support this struggle, may they go further, because what we really want is a truly united nation, because Burkina Faso has been scattered, there are no more villages, there are too many displaced people, so whoever can’t do it, should just leave. That’s all”, another activist stated.

The government responded by acknowledging gunfire in army barracks but denied a “takeover by the armed forces.”

According to government sources, discussions have started between representatives of the armed forces and the minister of Defence, General Barthélémy Simporé.

In the early hours of Sunday, supporters of the soldiers set fire at the ruling party’s headquarters before being dispersed by the police.

On Saturday, incidents broke out in Ouagadougou and other cities between police and demonstrators who defied a ban on gathering to protest against insecurity in the country.