Grab It from an Expert: Pete Rose is launching a sports betting podcast.

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On Thursday, the 17-time All-Star announced an exclusive partnership with Quake Media to provide betting recommendations and picks on his show, “Pete Rose Daily Picks.” You probably didn’t see this coming… MLB star Pete Rose, who was banned from the game for life for betting on it, has created a sports gambling podcast!!

“It’s a show featuring my picks and breakdowns of games, not just baseball,” Rose says, “I’ll be talking football, basketball, horse racing, golf and a lot of more. “I’ll share how I think about games with Ben and the fans, then we can watch and learn together,” the 80-year-old says.

“There are some insights, I believe, that only an old guy like me may think of. I’m excited to share my winning predictions with my fans.” Of course, it’s ironic given that Charlie Hustle received a lifetime suspension from baseball in 1989 for gambling while playing and managing for the Cincinnati Reds.

Rose, who vehemently denied betting on baseball (a grave violation in the game) for many years, eventually admitted to the charge – but he insists that he NEVER gambled against his team. But, Pete says don’t call it a gambling podcast, telling USA Today he ain’t gambling, saying … “It’s handicapping. I’m a handicapper. “All I’m doing is lending my expertise to people who want to bet.”

Story By: Norvisi Mawunyegah