Guinea Bissau celebrates joint Independence, Armed Forces Day

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Guinea-Bissau commended its 48th Independence Day and Armed Forces Day, driven by President Umaro Sissoco Embalo, within the sight of a few political pioneers from the locale.

The Guinean state has gone through times of incredible political disturbance, in a blend of

“We have lost close to half of the 48 years of autonomy, as Guinea-Bissau has been dove into political emergencies of an alternate sort. This multitude of emergencies contrarily affect public establishments and on the monetary existence of our country, with genuine social outcomes,” said Umaro Sissoco Embalo, President of Guinea-Bissau.

The festivals of the 56th commemoration of the formation of the Armed Forces and the merriments of the 48th of public freedom were set apart by an unmistakable conflict between President Embaló and Prime Minister Nuno Nabiam.

“We are here to serve the state. No one came to remain for all time. So no doubt, I can leave my post as PM any time and another PM will come. I would rather not talk about this subject, I am quiet, everyone is quiet, we keep on taking care of our responsibilities. It is generally expected that there are contrasts between the president and me. It’s a circumstance that doesn’t have anything to do with it,” said Nabiam.

The President additionally tested the Guineans for another public plan that will bring the improvement that the nation has been hanging tight for quite a while.