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Hajj 2024: Ghanaian pilgrims to pay same fee as last year

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The Ghana Hajj Board has announced that prospective Ghanaian pilgrims to Mecca this year will pay the same amount as last year, which is GH₵75,000 or the US Dollar equivalent of $6,250.

The Chairman of the Hajj Board, Mr. Ben Abdallah Banda, announced at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday. He stated that despite the increased cost of Hajj services in Saudi Arabia this year, the Ghana Hajj Board, after careful consideration, has decided not to increase the fees. This decision is also partly due to the relative stability of the Cedi against the US Dollar.

“We hereby officially announce that considering various factors, the cost of this year’s Hajj, regardless of the rising cost of services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, remains GH₵75,000 as it was last year. However, its dollar equivalent has been reduced to $6,250,” he added.

Last year, the fee in US Dollars was $6,500, which means pilgrims this year have a reprieve of $250.

Mr. Banda noted that the cost of several services has gone up. However, he added that the board has conducted stringent negotiations to ensure that these increased costs “will not be borne by the pilgrims.”

Breaking down what constitutes the price package, the Chairman mentioned that it includes visa acquisition, return flight from Ghana to Saudi Arabia, internal transportation (including from Madina to Makkah, Makkah to Mashaa’ir, Mina, and Arafat, and Mashaa’ir to Makkah and Jeddah airport), accommodation, and feeding in Madina, Makkah, and Mashaair for one month. Other inclusions are 40kilogrammes of luggage without charge, bags, processing of ID Cards, Zamzam water, medical care, security services, and a Hajj guide from the Daawah team to aid in the seamless performance of Hajj rites.

The Chairman also revealed that this year’s Hajj is expected to come with improved services, as facilities at Mina and other places of convergence have been upgraded.

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