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Health of Angola’s former president ‘worrying’, current leader says

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On the fringes of a trip to Portugal, Angolan president Joao Lourenço mentioned the frail health of his predecessor. Lourenço gave a press briefing after a tour to the Lisbon headquarters of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking countries (CPLP) Wednesday.

The former president of the Republic of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos has been hospitalized in an intensive care unit. Following the news of the deterioration of his health last week, president Lourenço held a phone conversation with Ana Paula Dos Santos, the former president’s wife.

“We are following the situation very closely and what I can say is that the state of health of President Dos Santos (Former President of the Republic of Angola) is worrying. The situation is worrying, but only the doctors will be able to give an opinion. We are not doctors, but we remain very concerned. That is why I sent Tete Antonio, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Angola from Lisbon to Barcelona. “

Dos Santos who’s 79 years old, was reportedly put last week in IUC in the Teknon clinic. The health facility is located in Catalonia’s economic capital. The former president’s health deteriorated on Tuesday. Tchize Dos Santos, one of his daughters took to Instagram and indicated in one of her posts she refused that her father be taken off life support.

José Eduardo Dos Santos who appointed relatives and friends to top positions during his 38-year tenure was accused of corruption.