‘Home Alone’ House Smashes Airbnb for One Night Only

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The iconic mansion from ‘Home Alone’ is ready to welcome some lucky visitors… and while they won’t have to fight bandits, they can still install the booby traps!!!

Buzz McCallister is hosting a highly uncommon overnight stay at the family’s Chicago home in honor of the upcoming release of “Home Sweet Home Alone,” while the McCallisters are abroad for the holidays once again.

For one night only, the renowned mansion from the original film will be converted into an Airbnb… and four guests will be able to recreate their favorite scenes from the Christmas classic for only $25!!!

A night inside the ‘Home Alone’ crib will make you feel like Macaulay Culkin if you’re lucky enough to get a spot. The home will be done out for the holidays, complete with glittering lights and a properly trimmed Christmas tree, which is one of Kevin McCallister’s favorites.

Don’t worry about the Sticky Bandits; instead, have a good time setting up the booby traps… and laugh because you’re not the one who gets caught! Of course, no night at the McCallister residence is complete without splattering aftershave and screaming in the bathroom mirror.

Consume as much ’90s junk food as your stomach can handle, as well as plenty of Chicago’s best pizza and a candlelight meal of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Because Buzz is hosting, there will be a meet-and-greet with a real-life tarantula… who will most likely not crawl on your face. There are no crowbars required.

The movie inside the movie, “Angels with Filthy Souls,” isn’t long enough to really make your night … instead, enjoy a viewing of the film franchise’s newest offering, “Home Sweet Home Alone.” If you like LEGO, the place has a ‘Home Alone’ kit that you may take home.

It’s the first time the estate has opened its doors to movie fans, and reservations will begin on December 7 for a stay on December 12. To commemorate the unusual occasion, Airbnb will give a donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital. In Illinois, anybody attempting to book must adhere to the COVID-19 regulations.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah