Howie Mandel recuperating after being rushed to the hospital.

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Howie recently given another health update… and he says he was dehydrated after having a colonoscopy a few days earlier. He claims he continued working after the procedure and drank a lot of coffee, which caused him to become even more dehydrated.

Howie claims it all resulted in him becoming dizzy and unable to stand up while at Starbucks. He appears to be laughing it off… on his official YouTube page, he made a few jokes about the whole situation.

Howie claims he has been released from the hospital, returned home, and is feeling better. He recently posted a health update on his official Twitter account, claiming he passed out due to dehydration and low blood sugar.

Howie thanks the physicians and nurses who cared for him in the hospital, as well as everyone who reached out… and says he’s well. Howie Mandel went to his favorite Starbucks for a cup of
coffee and was taken away in an ambulance after passing out outside the coffee shop.

According to witnesses, he was at his usual Starbucks in Woodland Hills with his wife and friends on Wednesday when he abruptly passed out, fell down, and was lay out on a cement seat.

Sources close to Howie tell us he frequents this particular Starbucks … and we’re told they think he fainted from low blood sugar and doctors are now running tests at the hospital.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah