Illegal contractors a future threat to Green Ghana Programme – Forestry Manager

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The Navrongo Forest Services Division Manager, Emmanuel Owusu, has refered to the exercises of unlawful logging workers for hire as a future danger to the Green Ghana Program—an administration drive dispatched as of late to battle woodland consumption with 5 million trees.

He referenced this to columnists when his outfit started the program with a tree-planting service on Friday at Navrongo, the capital of the Kassena-Nankana Municipality.

“Everyone needs wood to fence or rooftop their structures. In this way, individuals need to cut trees illicitly. Here, you can’t cut a tree without extraordinary license. My men are on the ground, keeping them from doing that (from felling developed trees). We have trees of business esteem here.

“Some likewise need to cut them for business purposes. Workers for hire need to exploit them. However, my men are on the ground. On the off chance that we get you, we will arraign you. Take a gander at our current circumstance. Our current circumstance is getting disintegrated and in the event that we don’t plant trees presently to supplant the lost ones, a period will come you can’t live here,” he said.

As indicated by him, 50,000 trees, including in excess of 7,000 species, are set to be planted in four political locale under the Navrongo Forest Services Division—the Builsa South District, the Builsa North Municipality, the Kassena-Nankana Municipality and the Kassena-Nankana West District.

“Here, we have a great deal of homeless creatures. You can see it—they are meandering near. Thus, in the event that you plant without fencing them, homeless creatures will just come and burn-through them. We have instructed individuals and they know that they need to secure every one of the planted animal varieties. The schooling has gone down to individuals and individuals have accepted it.

“We have planted a portion of the trees in the hinterlands. That spot, homeless creatures don’t go there. Fire insurance is have confidence. Security from lost creatures is have confidence. Our lone test is the downpour. You can’t anticipate it. We supplicate the downpour will come so we get sufficient downpour for the trees to endure,” he added.

The Navrongo Forest Services Division says it has drawn in around 72 partners up until now—including schools, wellbeing offices, nearby government congregations, strict love habitats and common associations among others—and it is hoping for something else to participate in executing the tree-planting exercise under the Green Ghana Program in the four political areas.

The Paramount Chief of the Navrongo Traditional Area, Pe Asagepaare II, focused on the need to go past the planting of the trees by likewise supporting them.

The function, proclaimed by a substantial storm across the Upper East Region, likewise saw scores of occupants join staff of the Navrongo Forest Services Division in a road walk through the streets in the capital town to the castle of the Paramount Chief of the Navrongo Traditional Area, Pe Asagepaare II.

“It’s not just the planting. At the point when you plant a tree, additionally ensure you sustain it to develop. At the point when the trees are numerous around, they fill in as windbreaks to secure our structures. In the event that you plant a tree, ensure it develops. Don’t simply plant it and leave it there. At the point when you plant and leave it there, it’s futile. Take excellent consideration of it and let it develop,” underscored the Paramount Chief when he planted a seedling at his castle before a horde of ranger service authorities and inhabitants in celebration of the Green Ghana Day (June 11).

Tending to newsmen, the Assistant Navrongo Forest Services Division Manager, Isaac Adom-Domfeh, said the Green Ghana Program had come to remain and would be noticed quite a long time after year.

The Green Ghana Program doesn’t block the current backwoods ranch programs. We have the National Forest Plantation Program, the Modified Taungya System, the Private Commercial Plantation Developers, Community Forest Management Program, Model Plantation, the Expanded Plantation Program and others.

“These projects are continuous. Thus, the Green Ghana Program has come to supplement what we as of now have. What’s more, it will be a yearly program. Yearly, we will foster the disposition of planting to celebrate the Green Ghana Program,” he said.