Improving Air Quality Planning and Management for better Human Health and Environment for Ghana

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With a quick monetary development and populace development and a high pace of urbanization, air contamination has turned into a genuine test in Ghana. Practically all Ghanaians are presented to air contamination that surpasses the levels set in the World Health Organization’s (Who’s) rules for clean air. Current air quality conditions present an inadmissible wellbeing trouble for the number of inhabitants in Accra. It is assessed that about 8% of complete mortality which is around 16,000 Ghanaians kick the bucket rashly every year as a result of air contamination. This number is projected to increment to around 4,600 by 2030 if no move is made to diminish current and extended future degrees of air contamination.

A new World Bank Ghana Country Environmental Analysis assesses that the monetary expense of air contamination is at US$2.5 bn or generally 4.2% of the country’s 2017 total national output. Monetary expenses of treatment of air contamination related infection are additionally high.

Air contamination in the Greater Accra Region is created by a different arrangement of sources including point sources (modern destinations), portable sources (vehicles), and region sources, both from normally happening (Harmattan wind-blown cleans and ocean salt) and man-made (cook ovens and open consuming of squanders) sources. Transportation, strong waste, and business/modern are among the central wellsprings of air contamination.

The World Bank’s Pollution Management and Environmental Health Program, which is financed by the legislatures of Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom; has fortified the institutional limit of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to address existing checking and arranging holes for air quality administration.

The program has further developed air quality checking, and the EPA would now be able to utilize new estimation strategies for air quality observing and investigation. It likewise has an improved comprehension of the significance of thorough consideration regarding standard working systems and quality confirmation conventions vital for top notch gravimetric examination. The Agency presently has worked on comprehension of air contamination across Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) and job of different discharge sources and regular occasions in adding to helpless air quality.

The program has improved the comprehension of key wellsprings of air contamination. EPA presently has improved ability to perform receptor displaying on new outcomes pushing ahead. Once more, the program has upheld EPA Ghana to build up a cloud-based information the executives framework to transfer, store and inquiry air quality information empowering a constant Air Quality Index for public mindfulness. The Program has additionally upheld the EPA to foster a full-scale Air Quality Management Plan for the GAMA.