In July, Sonalika Group sales increased by 5% to 10,756 units

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Sonalika, a tractor manufacturer, reported a 5% increase in total sales in July, reaching 10,756 units. In the same month last year, the business sold 10,223 units.
“The monsoon has registered a good show across the country and with dynamically changing agri-requirements of farmers, there is a surge in demand for advanced tractors with customized crop-centric solutions,” Sonalika Group Executive Director Raman Mittal said in a statement.

The monsoon has been good for the second year in a row, Sonalika added, bringing relief to the rural economy, which is heavily reliant on rains for a successful agri-sector performance. The company has also developed an interactive, infotainment-based YouTube channel called ‘Sonalika E-Gurukul’ to help children in rural regions learn about various elements of the world faster.

“Our insights state that in rural areas, children often don’t have access to newer tools of education compared to their urban counterparts. We have worked on this insight to launch our new infotainment channel on YouTube ‘Sonalika e-Gurukul’,” Mittal said.

This channel was created specifically for rural youngsters to supply them with interesting facts and knowledge, as well as to expand their imagination to new heights, he added.