In Rout, the price of Litecoin has plummeted by 10%.

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On Monday, Litecoin was trading at $162.690 on the Index at 03:39 (07:39 GMT), down 10.13 percent on the day. It was the biggest percentage drop in a single day since September 7. Litecoin’s market cap fell to $11.089 billion, or 0.55 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market cap, as a result of the decline. Litecoin’s market capitalization peaked at $25.609 billion dollars.

In the preceding twenty-four hours, Litecoin had traded in a range of $162.262 to $175.830. Litecoin has lost 3.87 percent of its value in the last seven days. Litecoin traded $2.444 billion in the twenty-four hours leading up to this writing, accounting for 2.57 percent of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. In the last seven days, it has moved in a range of $162.2625 to $195.1303.

Litecoin is still down 61.26 percent from its all-time high of $420.00, which it reached on December 12, 2017. The Index recently had Bitcoin at $44,806.0, down 6.97 percent for the day. The Index has Ethereum trading at $3,128.00, down by 9.05 percent.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin last stood at $855.178B, or 42.66 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization, while the market capitalization of Ethereum was $372.786B, or 18.60 percent of the total cryptocurrency market value.