In the most recent regulations, fireworks have returned to Disney parks

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June 16th 2021

By: Norvisi Mawunyegah

Disney intends to reintroduce fireworks performances at its Florida and California theme parks, marking the company’s latest effort to remove pandemic restrictions imposed last year. Fireworks performances will resume at Walt Disney World in Florida at the beginning of July and at Disneyland in California on July 4th, according to the corporation. After the parks reopened following virus-related restrictions last year, the fireworks performances were put on hold to dissuade people from congregating

Disney’s decision was the latest in a series of moves to ease restrictions put in place last summer to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Face masks are now optional for visitors to Disney World in Florida if they are vaccinated, however Disney employees are not required to provide proof of immunization.

Visitors who had not been completely vaccinated were still obliged to wear face masks indoors and on all rides and attractions, and all visitors, vaccinated or not, were obliged to wear face coverings on buses, monorails, and the resort’s aerial gondola.

“As we continue to see more communities adjust and ease COVID-19 guidelines, there’s a new sense of optimism with many positive signs moving forward,” Disney said in a blog post. “We’re encouraged by it too, seeing more families making travel plans, friends dining out together more often and more Americans returning to work. And at Disney theme parks, we’re gradually bringing back more of our beloved park experiences.”