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Israel-Hamas war: hostage deal unlikely to happen before Friday.

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The Israel National Security Council has announced that no prisoners will be freed until Friday, despite earlier expectations that the first hostages would be released on Thursday. The start of a previously agreed-upon temporary truce in fighting has also been postponed until Friday. The reasons for the delay from Gaza are unclear, with one Israeli official downplaying its gravity. The Supreme Court of Israel rejected a legal appeal to the Gaza hostage arrangement, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the accord does not include the “release of murderers.”

The hostage deal between Israel and Hamas necessitates “intensive” effort, with the US and Israel pausing drone operations over Gaza for six hours each day. Officials in the United States have a working list of ten hostages they believe will be released from Gaza on the first day. The Gaza Strip is regarded as the most dangerous area in the world for children, with 284 injured kids transported into Egypt since Israel commenced operations on Gaza in response to the October 7 Hamas attack. After some hostages are released, the Red Cross will be able to visit them and provide medical care.

The Biden administration will watch the implementation of the deal made between Israel and Hamas, while the Norwegian Refugee Council needs longer than a four-day pause in fighting to expand aid operations in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has also found further evidence of a tunnel complex under Al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza.