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Israel Urged to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

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Residents of Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where over half of the population has sought refuge, are facing severe hardships. Humanitarian aid is scarce, and the crowded markets offer expensive foodstuffs, leaving many struggling to afford basic necessities.

Hanaa Asdoudy, a resident of Rafah, lamented, “Only God’s will is what keeps us alive. The aid coming in is not enough, and the people are not fed. Everyone is deprived of everything.”

The International Court of Justice recently ordered Israel to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, urging the opening of more land crossings for the delivery of food, water, fuel, and other supplies. This decision came in response to a case brought by South Africa, accusing Israel of genocide following Hamas attacks in October.

Israeli military restrictions, ongoing hostilities, and the breakdown of public order have hindered aid deliveries, according to the UN and international aid groups. In response to Hamas attacks on October 7, which resulted in 1,200 deaths and 250 hostages, Israel launched a campaign of airstrikes and ground offensives, resulting in over 32,000 Palestinian deaths, according to local health authorities.

The Health Ministry in Gaza reports that roughly two-thirds of those killed are women and children. The military offensive has displaced over 80% of Gaza’s population, causing widespread damage and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. The UN and international aid agencies warn that the entire population of Gaza is struggling to access food, with hundreds of thousands at risk of famine, especially in the hard-hit northern region.