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Israeli Forces Captured Hundreds of Fighters in Gaza Hospital – Military Reports

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In a significant military operation, Israeli forces have detained hundreds of individuals affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including security officials and military commanders, during a raid on Gaza’s primary medical facility, Al Shifa Hospital. According to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Israel’s chief military spokesperson, the operation involved special forces employing “deception tactics” to apprehend suspects within the hospital compound.

The raid, which commenced in the early hours of Monday morning, targeted a sprawling complex believed by the Israeli military to be linked to a network of tunnels utilized by Palestinian fighters. Troops reportedly encountered resistance from armed individuals within the hospital premises.

Israeli authorities have reported the detention of over 500 suspects, with the majority identified as members of the Islamist militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Among those apprehended were three senior Islamic Jihad military commanders and two Hamas officials responsible for operations in the occupied West Bank.

Rear Admiral Hagari emphasized that individuals who did not surrender peacefully were engaged by Israeli forces and neutralized. This operation marks one of the largest detainments since the commencement of hostilities nearly six months ago.

Al Shifa Hospital, once Gaza’s largest healthcare facility, has been a focal point of Israeli scrutiny. Israeli troops previously uncovered tunnels within the hospital compound, which they allege were utilized by Hamas as command and control centers. However, Hamas and medical staff vehemently deny these allegations, asserting that the hospital serves exclusively civilian purposes.

In response to Israeli claims, Hamas has accused Israel of targeting civilians and committing war crimes. Hamas spokespeople have contested Israeli assertions regarding casualties, arguing that many of those killed or detained are patients or displaced individuals.

The situation remains highly contentious, with both sides trading accusations amid ongoing conflict in the region.