Jason Derulo, Reveals Solana Investment

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In today’s market, Solana (SOL) is showing continuous growth. SOL, which is currently trading at over $180, has quickly risen to become one of the top ten stocks since its initial public offering. As a result, many people have chosen to invest in SOL. Furthermore, American singing star Jason Derulo recently declared that he had taken a chance on Solana.

The artist did not say how much money he put into Solana. However, depending on how much the asset increased in value, it might be a significant amount, according to reports. Furthermore, it is unknown whether he also invested in other crypto assets.

Last June, SOL traded between $25 to $41, according to trajectories. SOL stormed the market in August, reaching a high of $124. CoinMarketCap reveals it is already trading above $180 at the time of writing. According to rumors, other celebrities, in addition to Jason Derulo, have invested in cryptocurrency. There’s Logic, a former hip-hop artist who put money into Bitcoin (BTC), and Reese Witherspoon, who said she put money into Ethereum (ETH). With the growth of the crypto business, we may expect more people to enter the market. You get to choose which side to wager on as an investor.