Julius Jones’ execution date approaches, Kim K gets out to his family.

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Kim Kardashian has been a lifesaver for Julius Jones’ family as they wait to hear from the Governor on whether he’ll survive or die — and she’s still checking in as the day approaches, according to the man’s own sibling.

Antoinette Jones, Julius’ sister, said Kim has been in touch with the family in recent days to see how they’re doing and, more crucially, to get a sense of how JJ is managing the crisis. She’s even provided Instagram updates recently, detailing the status of Julius’ case and, once again, urging Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to do the right thing.

While it may appear to some as simply lip service, Antoinette claims that Kim’s lobbying and advocacy on her brother’s behalf has meant the world to their family behind the scenes, emphasising that she is a “genuine one” who is concerned about what happens here.

Not only that, but Antoinette claims that Kim knows her stuff when it comes to the law, and that she’s wowed the Joneses with her breadth of knowledge on the case’s facts and beyond. Antoinette tells us that Kim’s tremendous cultural influence has been immeasurable in bringing attention to Julius’ storey — and that she and the rest of the family are eternally grateful for, regardless of what happens on Thursday when Julius is slated to be executed.

A quick comment on that: The Parole Board has recommended that Julius not be executed but instead serve out his life term in prison… but the ball has been in Governor Stitt’s court with no movement… and it’s almost at the point of no return now. Considering the Gov. can still grant clemency in the 11th hour … Antoinette is asking anybody with a following and some pull to lean in and help them get the word out about what they call a travesty of justice.

As you may know by now … Julius was charged and convicted for first-degree murder way back in 2002 — with prosecutors pinning him to the shooting death of 45-year-old Paul Howell.

Julius has always maintained his innocence … and much has been made about weak evidence in the case linking him to the crime, not to mention racially charged undertones. Kim’s done her part … now the Jones family is asking for anyone else who can to step up to do so as well.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah