Kan Dapaah, Ambrose Dery To Appear Before Parliament Over Robberies, Killings

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Ambrose Dery and Albert Kan Dapaah, Ministers for Interior and National Security individually, will be pulled before parliament to respond to questions identifying with the new killings and theft assaults in the country, an individual from the Defense and Interior Committee of Parliament, Peter Lanchene Toobu has uncovered.

He revealed to Nana Akua Aborampa Mensah on the Hot Edition on 3FM that it has gotten basic for the two pastors to refresh parliament on the present status of safety in the country.

“Obviously, not the Interior Minister alone, the Minister for National Security will likewise be welcomed because the National Security Minister is responsible for all the insight assembling in this country.

“Knowledge should back activities so the Minister for National Security and the Minister of the Interior, we will pull them before the House for them to disclose to Ghanaians how safe we can become,” he said when found out if the board will welcome the Interior Minister to Parliament.

The Interior Minister Mr. Ambrose Dery has uncovered that the administration has just 5,000 tactical armor carriers for more than 40,000 cops.

Clarifying the means taken by the public authority to asset the Police to battle wrongdoings in this country while remarking on the executing of a cop in a burglary assault on a bullion van in Jamestown, Mr. Dery revealed to TV3’s Dzifa Bampoh in a restrictive meeting that “:… What we call bullion vehicles in Ghana are simply standard vehicles with plates on them that are not reinforced.

“They don’t give the police and the money any assurance thus it is simple for projectiles to go through them so they are not bullion vans,” he said.

“We have found a way ways to ensure our police officers and ladies when they go on such tasks. We gave various tactical armor carriers and caps.

“The main transfer that came in, around 5000 of them came in not long before we encountered the passings of various police officers in these previous few years. The cops were energized because we then, at that point gave those vests for them and made arrangements for them to convey side weapons to ensure themselves.

“5000 isn’t satisfactory, we are managing more than 40,000 cops and for the individuals who have revenue like banks and monetary foundations, we don’t believe that the restricted assets that we have for the security of the overall population ought to be distributed to that extraordinary necessities. So we expect that in those cases they should commit to securing the Police that we apportion to them.

“The banks don’t get considered capable when we lose cops, the public authority does, I do. Also, I don’t imagine that the Bank of Ghana fixing 2023 is worthy, it’s anything but. So is it a passings sentence for those Police we will relegate?”

He further engaged the man whose CCTV cameras caught the theft assaults on a bullion van prompting the murdering of a cop and someone else to deliver the video to the Police to help with capturing the lawbreakers.

Mr. Dery disclosed to Dzifa that the Police had educated him about the reluctance regarding the man to deliver the CCTV video to help capture the looters.

“I need to stress that I told the Police every passing is similarly significant. It’s anything but polite, it’s anything but a noticeable lawmaker, every demise is similarly significant.

“This matter ought to be managed rapidly as could really be expected. It occurred in the daytime yet they raise an issue that I think I need to utilize this gathering to claim. They say there is an individual who possesses a CCTV nearby.

“The Police are asking that they be given the account of the CCTV however there was obstruction from the proprietor. I need to utilize this medium to engage him to participate and to interest every one of that individual who was nearby to help the Police on whatever depiction or whatever data that they need to empower us to track them.”