Kanye West in New York City wears a creepy white mask.

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By covering his complete face with a mask that even he admits is…barely beyond the pale, Ye is turning more heads in NYC than usual.

Kanye West is seen walking through New York City in a standard-issue ball hat, sunglasses, and a Balenciaga leather jacket — oh, and one of those rubber or latex masks he’s been sporting a lot lately!!!

To put it mildly, this one has a very light skin tone. Who are we kidding? It’s almost entirely Caucasian.

Ye is even wearing a scarf over his neck to maintain his skin tone consistent from head to chest. He did miss an area, since his true skin can be seen from the back.

Nobody has any idea what he’s doing with these masks. He’s registered a trademark for “Ye” to be used on designer COVID-19 face masks, as we initially reported, but we assumed that was more akin to the surgical style masks we’ve been using since early 2020.

Although the full masks are COVID-safe, it’s had to be hot in there. There’s nothing Ye can’t accomplish if he can make these things popular!