Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband Falsely Ponders He Could Get Montana Ranch in Divorce

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Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband may want to contact his lawyer right now because he may be unaware of the details of their divorce. Brandon Blackstock arrived at LAX on Tuesday and stated unequivocally… that the judge has yet to rule on who gets the Montana property.

The truth is that the judge HAS made the decision. Brandon contested the prenup he signed, and if the judge agreed with him, everything he and Kelly made during their marriage – and everything they bought with those earnings – would be communal property.

However, following a trial, the judge decided that the prenup was genuine, implying that Kelly’s earnings and acquisitions were hers and hers alone.

In fact, according to the judge’s order, which was signed Sept. 30, the judge specifically rejected Brandon’s claims, saying, “The Court therefore rejects Respondent’s [Brandon’s] position that the Montana Ranch and other Montana properties are marital property owned 50/50 by the Parties.”

Kelly is attempting to persuade Brandon to leave the property, but he is resisting. According to a source with direct information, at this point Kelly regards Brandon as a squatter and is attempting to have him removed. The divorce was finalised in September, but the judge has yet to resolve all property and custody problems.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah