Kobe Bryant Bodybuild Requested For $3M To Kill His Rape Accuser

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A weight lifter sent Kobe Bryant a letter in 2003 contribution to kill his assault informer … furthermore, the person later requested $3 MILLION to carry out the thing – this as indicated by recently delivered FBI docs

The papers – got by TMZ Sports – were delivered by feds recently … what’s more, they uncover new subtleties from the ’03 argument against Patrick Graber.

The docs, where Graber’s name is redacted, show how feds say they got Graber to fess up to endeavoring to get cash from Bryant in return for making his “issue” vanish.

Government agents in the docs say Graber – who they say was a rec center rodent – sent a FedEx letter to Bryant with the deal … adding that Bryant’s group promptly gave it to neighborhood specialists.

In the docs, authorities say they then, at that point set up gatherings with Graber … furthermore, he supposedly revealed to them the sticker price he needed to make Kobe’s “issue” disappear

Specialists in the docs say appointees ventured out to Kobe’s informer’s home in Colorado to advise her of the conceivable danger.

Graber was in the end captured after an extensive examination … also, was hit with a few charges, including requesting to submit murder.

Graber later argued no challenge to amazing robbery … what’s more, was eventually condemned to three years in jail