Kofi Bentil says states should not have unhealthy relationships with spouses of President and Veep

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The Vice President of think tank IMANI Ghana has noticed that build up a sound connection among States and Presidential mates as opposed to causing tense circumstances.

His remark returns on the dismissal of pay rates by the First Lady and spouse of the Vice President following the public’s sign of dismay in the move by the Emolument Committee.

“I think it is heartbreaking, and I think that the state should not have this sort of strained relationship with First Ladies,” he said.

The Prof Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu-drove Presidential Committee on Emoluments prescribed instalment of compensations to the officeholders as shown in Article 71, yet the public got the news with disappointment.

Sharing his perspectives on Joy News’ Newsfile Saturday, Kofi Bentil said the companions should consistently be put on the platform, “they should be charitable people who despite the fact that they are not in a real sense moms of the country should be found in that light.”

Following the public’s dissatisfaction, the two mates have discounted an all-out amount of what they had gotten since 2017 to date. Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo depicts the public’s activity as disagreeable, trying to depict her as “a dishonest, self-serving and conceited lady”.

The think tank Vice President said it was not shocking that Mrs Akufo-Addo was insulted, “yet I didn’t think it will cut to the chase where she will return the cash.”

He, notwithstanding, noticed that returning the cash doesn’t stop the discussion, despite the fact that “I comprehend why the First Lady and ‘Second Lady’ have done what they did.’

“We ought to quit wasting time where it isn’t the privilege of the First Lady to say I will, or I won’t do this is on the grounds that it on the off chance that we have heads of states going to a gathering in Ghana and so on, if she loves it, for the country, she needs to play out certain obligations,” he said.

Kofi Bentil further noticed that there is a need to discover an answer for the issue rapidly and perhaps look for methods of alleviating the sensation of the companions.

Referring to public safety issues, he said he can’t help contradicting those proposing that the official companions should look for some kind of employment to do.

“On the off chance that we permit First Ladies to work, the expense of safety alone and annihilation alone will be definitely more than what the expense as to permit them to perform simply state obligations and be protected,” he pointed.

“God prohibits, in the event that we have a security circumstance like saying an abduct of a First Lady, you will get what it implies when we say they ought not to uncover themselves. We should send the entire Ghana Army since it will be acting against the state,” he clarified.

Mr Bentil, consequently, suggested that similarly as it has been accomplished for global CEOs, among others, “let us give the President a specific level of his compensation as a spousal recompense to deal with obligations that the First Ladies need to perform.”

“In case there are different things that the state expects them to embrace, the state ought to appropriately asset them to do it,” he recommended