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Low patronage: Officers call for more publicity on Voter Register exhibition

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The voter register exhibition exercise in Accra has been met with low patronage, prompting officers to call on the Electoral Commission (EC) to collaborate with other state agencies to increase public awareness.

They believe that the National Commission for Civic Education and the Information Services Department are needed to boost public interest in the ongoing exercise, which ends tomorrow, November 7, 2023.

The officers visited polling stations in Accra last Friday and found that only 16 out of 1,500 registered voters had checked their names in the voter register. They called for more publicity to encourage people to turn out and check their details before the exercise ends. At Letemen’s Bakery 1 polling station, 10 out of 418 eligible voters had checked their names, but they were expecting more participation in the days leading up to the exercise’s end.

At St Joseph’s Primary School 1&2, no one had come to check their details. Exhibition officers Munirat Adaku and Whitney Agyen Frempong called for more publicity to encourage people to turn out and check their details.

At the Adabraka Day Care Centre polling station, only two out of 402 eligible voters had checked their details.

At the Okaikoi District office of the EC, electoral officer David Chinery stated that he had not received any negative reports from all 197 polling stations in the Okaikoi South Constituency and that officers were working on replacing lost voter ID cards.