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Ludacris receives honorary degree from Georgia State University

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Three-time Grammy award winner, the platinum rapper and actor Ludacris received a Bachelor of Science in Music Management from Georgia State University.

Ludacris attended undergrad at GSU in 1996 before leaving after signing a record deal with Def Jam.

The rapper said that his time on campus sharpened his skills and gave him the confidence to believe that his path was “preordained”.

“Yes. You know, I had somebody tell somebody from the faculty, not President Blake, they had to tell us like five times. We don’t want him to curse. I’m like, I’m not going to curse up here, man. It’s not what I Come on now. I’m better than that. But what I will say is, welcome to Atlanta, where the play is play, and we ride on them things like every day, big beads, hit streets, you see gangsters roaming. And tonight, parties won’t stop till six in the morning. See, there was no curse word in that whatsoever”, Ludacris said.

A statement from Georgia State University said Ludacris had become a heavily involved member of the Georgia State community in recent years.

“Because every day we wake up, we have a chance and a choice. Every single human being on Earth, there were people that said that I wouldn’t come back. That too much time had passed since 1913. That I couldn’t make it as a rapper. That I need to get a day job. Ignore the Dream Killers. They come to tell us what we can’t do”, the 44-year-old rapper born Christopher Bridges said.

Ludacris, whose kid’s animated program “Karmas World” is currently on Netflix, is set to reprise his role as Tej in “Fast X” of the “Fast & Furious” franchise slated for 2023.