Mahama berates gov’t over unwillingness to acknowledge economic problems

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The 2020 Presidential Candidate of the resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) has censured the Akufo-Addo government for being reluctant to pay attention to the worries of individuals in the midst of the critical monetary circumstance in the country.

Depicting the administration of the officeholder organization as “a misfortune” Mr. John Mahama said “we have an administration totally reluctant to recognize the issues and even start the cycles to address them.”

He noticed that all things considered, the public authority expects the issues can be “wished-away through sloganeering, advertising, populism, troublesome manner of speaking, and plain political misdirection.”

Talking at a public talk to peak his ‘Thank You’ visit on Wednesday, the previous President saw that these activities and inactions of the public authority have been negative to the nation’s turn of events.

“The most squeezing issue is the effect of the weak economy on vocations, prospects and dreams. The outcomes of misinformed needs in monetary administration have prompted agonizing difficulty, high joblessness and the dissatisfaction and gloom felt by a great many the young.

“The others incorporate the bastardisation and politicization of state foundations. The mounting debasement, rising frailty, maltreatment of force, absence of interest in basic foundation and surrender of tasks and awkward administration,” he listed.

The “lively phonetic aerobatic” demeanor of the decision party, Mr Mahama asserted, is the thing that has driven the country into its present financial emergency.

As per the previous President, “these are individuals that six years prior, were excusing any linkage between the government assistance of Ghanaians and any financial files. They said then, at that point, that they have visited the market and were not encountering single digit expansion costs in those business sectors as we were directing.”

He focused on that rather than government being contemptuous of worries raised by the general population, it ought to figure out how to notice to such calls to cultivate the sound development of the country.