Man Personates Patriots Player in Order to Sell Tom Brady Super Bowl Rings

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According to the FBI, a New Jersey man admitted to impersonating a New England Patriots player as part of a complex operation to get and sell Super Bowl rings engraved with Tom Brady’s name.

According to federal prosecutors, the scheme’s mastermind is 24-year-old Scott Spina… and he’s made a deal with the authorities, pleading guilty to five criminal offenses.

According to the feds, Spina devised the plan in 2017, when he purchased a Super Bowl 51 ring from a Patriots player with at least one bad check, then sold the ring for $63,000 to a California broker specializing in championship rings.

Prosecutors claim Spina not only stole the ring from the player but also obtained additional information that allowed him to pose as the player and acquire comparable (but somewhat smaller) rings designed for players’ families from the firm that created the SB rings.

Prosecutors say Spina, posing as the former Patriots player – known only as J.T. in court documents – began ordering three “family and friend” Super Bowl LI rings with the name “Brady” etched on each one, which he falsely claimed were gifts for TB12’s kid.

According to the feds, the real Tom never authorized the rings… and Spina planned to sell them for a large sum of money.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah