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Many feared dead in Apiate after a massive explosion

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On Thursday, 20th January 2022, a mining truck containing explosives collided with a motorcycle which caused a huge explosion. The town of
Apiate has hogged major news headlines in what is being described as a national tragedy.

According to the Ghana Police Service, the impact of the collision between the mining truck and the motorcycle caused a fire
that ignited the explosives.

The ministry of Information confirmed via a statement that 17 people have died while 59 others have been rescued. Out of the 59 survivors, 42 people are receiving treatment with some in critical conditions.

According to multiple reports, a portion of the road is damaged. Houses and properties, several meters away from the blast have also collapsed. The Police stated that Crime Scene Intelligence and CID Operations team have been deployed to the scene of the accident.

Various security and health services including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, the National Disaster Management Organization, the Ghana Fire Service, the National Ambulance Service, and the National Health Service are all at the scene to help manage the situation and rescue more survivors of the disaster.