Marc Anthony Welcomes Couple Propose on Stage

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Marc Anthony was the star of a wedding proposal that took place during one of his concerts… and we have video of it all! As you can see, Marc paused the show and called the couple up on stage… where the man kneels and pops the question.

As the crowd erupts in applause and Marc lifts his hands in the air, the girl says yes and they kiss. Denis Leborgne, the guy who proposed, said Marc is his fiancée’s favorite artist and she’d never seen him play live in concert, so he contacted Marc’s production company, Magnus Media, 14 months ago to plan a huge proposal.

The pandemic delayed the plans, according to Denis, but after the world opened up and Marc resumed travelling, he set his sights on the Nov. 5 event in Estero, Florida.

The day before the event, Marc’s production crew lay down the plan with Denis: MA would point to him in the crowd, at which moment he would propose, but Marc went above and above.

Denis claims he and his then-girlfriend, Liz, were hurried into the VIP section upon arrival, and she was taken aback.

Marc didn’t just highlight them in the crowd when the big moment arrived; he invited them up on stage in front of everyone! Marc took everyone by surprise, and as you can see in the video, the pair is a little nervous on stage.

Denis claims that his fiancée was so anxious in front of Marc that she told him her employer’s name instead of her own. Denis claims Marc told them God bless and put his fingers in the shape of a cross at the end of the show, finishing off a night they will never forget.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah