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Mauritania explores its renewable energy potential

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The production of renewable energy is increasing in Mauritania.

According to the UN Agency for Renewable Energy (IRENA), the location of Mauritania makes it ideally suitable for solar and wind power.

The agency estimates that the energy potential amounts to 4,000 Gigawatt-hours.The capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott, is served by four power plants, including a 30-megawatt wind power plant, as well as a solar farm.

Nourou Dia, controller at Nouakchott Wind Power Plant stated that the estimated total annual energy is approximately 115 Gigawatt-Hour.

He added that the most favourable months for production are from April to May where up to 13 Gigawatt Hours are produced.

He stated that sometimes, there are less favourable months where approximately 5-6 Gigawatt-Hours are produced.

This wind power plant and the solar farm produce 10-15 percent of the capital’s electricity.

According to Marieme Bekaye, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, ‘In 2018, we were at 38% of renewable energy in the energy mix and we intend to increase (this share) to 50% by 2030.’

In 2018, Mauritania emitted less than one ton of CO2 per inhabitant, more than 15 times less than the US and five times less than the UK.Mauritania is already preparing for next year’s negotiations that are scheduled to take place on the continent.‘So the COP27, which should be held at the end of next year in Egypt, we consider that it will be the COP of Africa. The African continent with the group of negotiators must play a really important role in this and so there will be a whole series of preparatory meetings in advance. COP27 will work on Glasgow’s shortcomings at COP26.’ Bekaye declared.

Mauritania is home to less than 5 million inhabitants. However, Somelec, the country’s electricity company, asserted that just 54 percent of the population is connected to the power grid.