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MFWA says lack of public sector accountability is the nation’s chief challenge

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The absence of public area responsibility, combined with the disturbing pace of public area defilement stays the essential test looked in endeavors focused on public turn of events and there should be intentional advances taken to alter the course, the Executive Director for the Media Foundation for West Africa, Sulemana Braimah, has said.

Talking at an occasion to praise the Communication Students Association of Ghana (COMSAG) section of the University from Development Studies (UDS), he expressed that the default position of impassion to this issue will have desperate ramifications – financial and something else – for the country.

Featuring a portion of the likely financial ramifications, he said: “Various information sources and reports show that as a country, we lose nearly US$3 billion every year to public area debasement. That is about more than GH¢15 billion to debasement. In the event that a fourth of that figure were to be put resources into our nation every year, we would have managed a portion of the essential issues that actually go up against us.”

He added that the longing for veritable responsibility and straightforwardness has been crashed generally by political obsession. “Throughout the long term, the mission for public area responsibility, and the battle against defilement have been diminished to simply political sloganeering,” he noticed.

Moaning about the specific utilization of the public criminal code, he said: “However we have the criminal code, the public acquirement act, Internal Audit Agency Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act, and a lot more demonstrations, nonetheless, there appears to be that these laws have all the earmarks of being just successful with regards to the individual who takes fingers of plantain or the person who takes 100 cedis.”

Mr. Braimah further communicated worries over the way of life of exploitation and mistreatment that is as of now winning in the framework saying, “Numerous individuals would need to speak more loudly, numerous individuals would need to state to the established commitment to request responsibility, uncover bad behavior, and to battle for the right things yet dread because of terrorizing.”

He noticed that this is especially wild for government-named authorities and considered common and local officials to be careful that their loyalties have a place with the country and not the public authority in power. He likewise stretched out the charge to rehearsing media experts and those going through preparing.

President-elect for COMSAG Iddrisu Eliasu Saaba bid for help to upgrade the media lab of the University to help train more experts for the media business.

The COMSAG week festivity was hung on the topic ‘Predominant Views, Constructive Criticism and Public Sector Accountability In Ghana: The Role Of The Fourth Estate And Other Communication Actors.’ The subject was picked to instruct the correspondence understudies on the significance and part of the media in the battle against debasement.