Minister for Roads And Highways Says 120 Bridges To Be Built This Year

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Clergyman for Roads and Highways, Kwesi Amoako-Atta has said the government has reserved 120 out of 200 customized spans in a different piece of the country for finishing this year.

He made the exposure at the government’s press preparation in Accra on Sunday, May 23, 2021. As per him, this structure part of the government’s more extensive arrangement of improving the back road’s organized and bring advancement near Ghanaians.

Part of the modified scaffolds for development Mr. Amoako-Atta said is 50 scaffolds under the Czech Bridges Program of which “connect parts are being manufactured in the Czech Republic with the appearance of 21 of them in the country forthcoming the beginning of work.”

He additionally revealed that among the 120 scaffolds is Dikpe, Iture, and Ankobra Bridge, the Volivo link stay connect, Adawso to Ekyeamanfrom Bridge over the Volta in Afram Plains, 89 Mabey Bailey Bridges just as the remaking of Buipe, Yapei, and Daboya Bridges.

This he said the agreement has been granted with starter plans submitted forthcoming endorsement for work to start.

Furthermore, addressing finished scaffolds in the country, he said 69 steel spans across the feeder streets network are finished and will be dispatched under the Sinohydro Project, 20 extensions restoration on trunk streets organization, 13 Spanish scaffolds and 7 Northern Bridges in Kulungugu, Garu1, Garu2, Dominga, Sisili and Ambalara have been finished and opened to traffic.