Minority goes to Supreme Court over salaries for First, Second ladies

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The Minority in parliament has reported it will go to the Supreme Court to look for review over the choice of Parliament to support the installment of pay rates to the First and Second women.

The endorsement by Parliament has formalized the installment of compensation to the life partners of the President and Vice President who were put on remittances as of recently.

Addressing the media, MP for South Dayi Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor uncovered the Minority Whip Muntaka Mubarak says the move is a lawlessness.

As per him, the chief was subsequently approached to hold that bit of the report.

Dafeamekpor unveiled he is currently recording a suit at the Supreme Court over the matter

He said “right now, I’m currently recording a writ at the Supreme Court. Ideally, tomorrow at this point the writ would have been recorded. We need to question the issues, the council had no order to make the sort of suggestion they did.”

“The terms of reference of the council were to survey the payments of Article 71 office-holders. They didn’t advise them to proceed to audit the state of administrations of a not individual fall inside Article 71 officeholders.”

He demonstrated that parliament might have “demanded for them to take the report back, change and hand-off. Yet, the backers of the report were determined. The way that they were determined doesn’t mean parliament endorsed it. Parliament supported what was genuine as contained in the report

Along these lines, if the president says today that since it went through parliament he’s giving the approval for the proposals to be carried out, the fitting quarter to handle that will be the high court. To decide if the companions of the president and the VP are pondered as Article 71 public holders as attributed to it in the constitution,” he added.