Mr. Daniel Nuer Calls On Stakeholders For Stiffer Control Measures On Illicit Financial Flows

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Ministry Of Finance Head of Tax Policy, Mr. Daniel Nuer has called on governments from Africa continents for stiffer measures in controlling illegal financial flows from the Continent Extractive Sectors

He indicated that the negative impact of the viral covid-19 pandemic on Africa economies requires that Africa governments should do everything in their power to block all revenues from Illicit financial flows from the Continent.

Speaking at a two-day stakeholder engagement on taxation of the extractive sector in the African Region, Mr. Daniel Nuer said the African governments must adopt a comprehensive approach in fighting illicit financial flows from Africa’s extractive sectors.

Delivering the Keynote address on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, he stated that they agree that the natural resources sector plays a significant role in the global Illicit financial flows coiled with more dangerous flows like arms and drugs.