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National Security, military restore calm to Garu

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The Ministry of National Security and the Ghana Armed Forces have successfully restored peace to Garu in the Upper East Region following a joint operation that led to the retrieval of weapons used in a recent attack by an irate youth.

The operation also resulted in the arrest of those responsible for the violent assault on some security operatives deployed to quell disturbances. The perpetrators responsible for the aggression were captured, and the weapons used in the attack were retrieved.

The national security apparatus demonstrated its readiness to avert terrorism in the country by quelling the revolt by the irate youth in Garu last week. The rapid response was in reaction to an invasion by a group of young men armed with AK-47 rifles, machetes, and other weapons who besieged a team of security operatives deployed by the Ministry of National Security for a critical counter-terrorism operation. The situation escalated into a violent attack as the armed men opened fire on the officers, compelling them to seek refuge at the Garu Police Station.

The timely intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) led to the evacuation of the National Security personnel. The joint operation is a testament to Ghana’s robust security architecture, highlighting its rapid responsiveness and steadfast dedication to preserving stability. The security apparatus recognized the gravity of the youth group’s assault and unequivocally condemned any acts intended to intimidate or inflict harm on officials of security and intelligence agencies.

While investigations into the incident are ongoing, the Ministry of National Security remains determined to safeguard the nation against security threats in the future. The Garu incident serves as a reminder of the need for decisive steps to avert such scourges.