NDC’s philosophy is based on taxation – Asiedu Nketia says

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“I need to tell everyone that NDC isn’t against taxation. To be sure, our way of thinking depends on taxation…We trust in redistributive equity and taxation is a method for accomplishing rearrangement of abundance in the country,” Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said

As per him, the party isn’t against taxation in the nation adding that there has been the confusion that NDC is against taxation since the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta declared that the public authority plans to present E demand.

The presentation of the 1.75% electronic exchanges by the public authority was to “extend the expense net and rope in the casual area”.

Asiedu Nketia talking at a discussion coordinated by the NDC on the 2022 financial plan named ‘Awudie Budget’ said: “Since we began assaulting this spending plan, there’s been a misinterpretation that NDC is against taxation and the publicity has proceeded to try and show that we are country wreckers: assuming we are not supporting taxation, by what other method do we expect to foster this country?”

He expressed that “Our [NDC] theory is depended on the conviction that whenever we have met up to live in one society…We accept that there should be taxation and our rule of taxation is: each as per his means.

“In this way, the individuals who have greater means will pay more than the people who don’t have.

“Thus, while we are strong of taxation, we are exceptionally cognizant with regards to what sort of taxation and how that taxation is executed.”

“Along these lines, I need to expose the declaration that NDC is against taxation…In truth, when we return to drive, we’ll keep on utilizing taxation however we’ll utilize taxation in a way that we’ll accomplish the goals that we have set onto ourselves,” he added.