Nduom sues Hopeson Adorye, 2 others ¢10m damages

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Founder of Groupe Nduom, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, says he has “had enough of the conscious and pernicious missions that have been pursued against his individual, his family, and organizations the previous four years.

In what he says is a first firm advance to manage the “violently organized untruths” that keep on reproving on his trustworthiness, Dr. Nduom is looking for a ¢10 million case in harms, in a claim against Hopeson Adorye, an individual from the correspondence group of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in an Accra High Court.

Two others, Kwadwo Amankwah Foxzy, additionally a correspondence colleague of the NPP and Kencity Media, administrators of Ash FM in Kumasi, are remembered for the suit.

As indicated by Today Newspaper, the bailiff of the court met with Hopeson Adorye on Monday and properly served him with the request.

Hopeson is required to document his guard within eight days, starting on the day he was presented with the writ of request.

The push of Dr. Nduom’s case is that the three gatherings distributed expected and all-around determined slanderous explanations against him (Dr. Nduom).

What’s more, Dr. Nduom is requesting an expression of remorse and a withdrawal of the words utilized by the two and the medium utilized in distributing the deceptions about him.

He is additionally looking for the request for the court to limit Defendants from distributing any such “slandering comments against him later on.”

“On June 5, the two showed up on a program where they prepared the conspicuous lies against the President of Groupe Nduom with no type of limiting from the medium — Ash FM in Kumasi, where the program was being held.

In the said program, Defendants asserted that the “Offended party (Dr. Nduom) subsequent to taking, ran off to stow away in the United States of America and utilized Asanteman Union of Chicago as a course to unlawfully move assets to the US and pulled out same to obtain resources for his own advantage,” passages of a writ recorded by the legitimate group for Dr. Nduom peruses.

As per Dr. Nduom’s legal advisors, such deprecatory comments don’t just reprove on Dr. Nduom’s persona, “however completely attest that he is a “Cheat’ and that in the wake of taking stores of customers ran off to stow away in the US, a case that credits culpability to Dr. Nduom”.

The legal counselors further contend that the respondents’ declaration further “gives Plaintiff a role as an outlaw from Ghana”, an allegation Dr. Nduom, disproves in his suit.

“The words whined of are absolutely bogus and an invention of the Defendants vindictive creative mind and were determined exclusively to stigmatize him and bring his name into offensiveness”, counsel affirms.

Dr. Nduom is the founder of Groupe Nduom, an effective Ghanaian business and other business substances set up in the course of recent years through difficult work and penance.

Dr. Nduom is additionally one of the founders of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in Ghana.

Besides being a business person, Dr. Nduom likewise filled in as a Minister of Economic Planning and Regional Corporation; Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Chairman, MIDA (Millennium Development Authority), Minister of Energy, and Minister of Public Sector Reforms from 2005-2007.

Dr. Nduom has additionally challenged for the situation of the President of the Republic of Ghana; first on the ticket of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in 2008; and the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in 2012 and 2016.

It’s the state viewpoint of Dr. Nduom that “the criticized distribution by Defendants has gotten gigantic course via online media stages, including overall stages like Youtube”, and implied the way that “these distributions have made him get a few calls from concerned companions, business and relatives in the nation and abroad”.

In such manner, he is “looking for bothered harms that the Plaintiff will battle; thus demonstrate that the litigants in distributing or causing to be distributed the articulation grumbled of were impelled by vindictiveness”.

This is on the grounds that, as Dr Nduom’s legal counselors guarantee “they (Defendants) knew no place in the case in the United States was the distribution made by Defendants expressed, yet they distributed something very similar, in spite of the realities expressed for the situation recorded in the U.S.A.”