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New Momo Balance and Transaction Limits Taking Effect from March 1st”

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The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has announced an upward revision of balance and transaction limits for customers’ mobile money wallets, with changes set to take effect from March 1, 2024.

According to a statement released by the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, this adjustment aligns with the growing volume of transactional activities and evolving customer requirements.

Under the revised limits, daily transaction caps have been raised across different tiers of mobile money accounts. The minimum account, previously capped at GH¢2,000, will now have a limit of GH¢3,000, while medium accounts, previously set at GH¢10,000, will see their limits increased to GH¢15,000.

Similarly, the threshold for enhanced accounts, previously at GH¢15,000, has been elevated to GH¢25,000 per day. Maximum account limits have also been adjusted upwards, with the minimum account limit rising from GH¢3,000 to GH¢5,000, medium account limits increasing from GH¢25,000 to GH¢40,000, and enhanced account limits climbing from GH¢50,000 to GH¢75,000.

In terms of monthly transaction limits, the minimum account, previously capped at GH¢6,000, will now have a limit of GH¢10,000. However, there are no changes to the monthly transaction limits for medium and enhanced accounts.

Customers seeking clarification on these changes are advised to contact customer service representatives at the respective mobile money service providers across the country, as stated in the announcement

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