Nigerian stocks touch 53-day high amid depressed trading

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Nigerian stocks changed imperceptibly Wednesday as the benchmark file edged up 0.03 percent, arriving at a stature unheard of since June 11.

That came in the midst of worries about the lasting liquidity that has been battering exchange since the pandemic broke out, with volume completing 10.9 percent more vulnerable than Tuesday’s.

The bourse locked onto gains essentially from Presco, Sterling, Cutix, and Access to keep the upswing that started on Thursday going and to hose the pressing factor of sell-offs two or three blue-chip stocks on execution.

Market expansiveness, a pointer of the slant of financial backers, was negative given that 19 losers were accounted for comparative with 16 gainers, indicating the likelihood that the exchanging meeting ahead could end red, except if a significant impetus arises to disturb the equilibrium of things.

The all-share list was 9.84 face-up at 38,927.83 similarly as market capitalization rose to N20.3 trillion.

Since the turn of the year, the list has lost 3.3 percent.


Cutix drove the gainers, appreciating by 10% to close at N5.50. Veritas Kapital went up 8.70 percent to N0.25. Tripple Gee moved to N0.97, indenting up 7.78 percent simultaneously.

Presco added 72.60 percent to end the exchange at N3.71. NAHCO finished the top 5, moving by 2.44 percent to N2.52.


Sovereign Insurance drove slow pokes, declining by 7.14 percent to close at N0.26. Superb Insurance drooped to N0.42, recording 6.67 percent deterioration. Solidarity Bank shed 5% to close at N0.57. Jaiz tumbled to N0.59, losing 4.84 percent. Caverton shut at N1.80, going somewhere near 4.26 percent.


Taking all things together, 206.3 million offers assessed at N1.1 billion were exchanged 3,435 arrangements.

Real was the most dynamic stock with 51.8 million units of its offers worth N78.8 million exchanged 21 arrangements. Transcorp had 19.2 million units of its offers evaluated at N18.2 million trade delivers 107 exchanges.

UBA exchanged 17.2 million offers assessed at N129.8 million out of 155 exchanges. Wema had 11.2 million offers esteemed at N10.008 million exchanged 81 arrangements. AIICO exchanged 9.478 million offers esteemed at N8.9 million out of 100 arrangements.