Nigerian teen wins president’s academic excellence award, gets letter from Trump

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Brilliant Nigerian teenager, Ikechukwu Nwachukwu Dikko, has won two separate awards in the United States – A student of Notre Dame in Connecticut, he won The Presidential Award For Elite Scholarship in America and the Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy – One of the honours he was awarded recognised his proficiency in diverse foreign languages, while the other got him a letter from President Donald Trump.

A Nigerian teenager, Ikechukwu Nwachukwu Dikko, is another person that has made the nation proud in his academic endeavour abroad. Popularly called a professor at home and school because of the brilliance he shows in his actions and manner of talking, he is a student of Notre Dame High School in Connecticut, The Nation reports.

The intelligent teenager has been winning awards in his elite school and in the White House, the latest being The Presidential Award For Elite Scholarship in America and the Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy.

A collage of the Nigerian and President Trump. Photo source: The Nation/Joseph Thomas Source: UGC It should be noted that the presidential award is given to young students who have demonstrated outstanding academic brilliance while the seal is awarded to students of Notre Dame who are skilled in at least eight different foreign languages.

He can speak many foreign languages

The Nigerian genius can speak 10 languages which are Igbo, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and German. Another thing worthy of note is that Ikechukwu’s father once wanted to be the governor of Connecticut on the platform of React Party.

Donald Trump personally wrote him

In a letter personally signed by President Donald Trump, Ikechukwu was described as a brilliant academic student who is well-positioned to achieve great things in life.

Notre Dame in reacting to the awards said that it is not in any way surprised by the academic brilliance of Ikechechukwu. In a brief interview with The Nation, Ikechukwu said the awards have stirred in him to “keep striving for greater success”. His ambition is to one day become the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man who goes by the name Dr B-Bay on Twitter shared an inspiring story of triumph that shows that just anything is possible if one is dedicated enough.

He migrated to the US in 2000 without knowing how to speak or write the English Language. Eleven years later in 2011, the man swotted hard and graduated high school with a good CGPA of 3.2. He never became self-complacent as he went further to finish college in 2015 with 3.5 CGPA.

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