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Occupants of structures on motorway resist demolition

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The project to expand the Tema-Accra Motorway has encountered a significant hurdle as occupants of structures in the right of way of the project at the Ashaiman side of the stretch are resisting officials from marking them for demolition.

The contractors, caught between progress and community concerns, are now turning to the various assemblies with jurisdiction over the motorway to lead the process of marking the structures.

The contractors, who are hoping to complete their mobilisation by the end of the month, have cleared nearly 1.5-kilometre stretch to aid traffic diversion.

The long-awaited reconstruction of the 19.5 Tema-Accra motorway, a vital artery for Ghana’s economy, started this month.

The $338 million to expand the motorway to five lanes in each direction is expected to be completed in 42 months.

Project scope

It will also involve constructing flyovers and pedestrian bridges at key locations such as the Ashaiman link connecting to Tema, Adjei Kojo underpass connecting to Klagon and Lashibi and the Community 18 junction linking the Accra Abattoir area to the Borteyman-Ashalley-Botwe road.

Additionally, bridges will connect the Manet Junction on the motorway to Teshie, as well as the Flowerpot overpass already under construction to connect East Legon.

The current state of the motorway, riddled with potholes, congestion, and lack of adequate crossing points, makes it a dangerous route for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The rehabilitation, to be undertaken by the Maripoma Enterprise Limited, aims to address the issues head-on, creating a safer and more efficient transportation corridor for the region.

The relocation of key utilities in preparation have also commenced, while an Original Destination Studies (ODS), which involves data collection to identify traffic volumes, congestion points allowing the contractors to prioritise sections of the road for improvement and design lanes are also underway.

The Project Director, Kwadwo Asare Awuku, who recently briefed the Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, at the site, said one of the key features of the project would be the construction of flyovers at strategic points along the motorway.

That, he said, would allow traffic to flow freely without interference from vehicles entering or exiting the main road.

The Tetteh Quarshie roundabout, Mr Awuku said, would also undergo a makeover, transforming into a streamlined junction that effortlessly blended with the wider motorway.

Mr Amoako-Attah, who was elated at the progress made by the contractors so far, said the stretch went beyond the 19.5 kilometre stretch through to the Fiesta Royal stretch to the Apenkwa interchange ending at the Neoplan junction on the Achimota road.

The project would be implemented in three phases stretching from the Tema-motorway roundabout to Tetteh-Quarshie.