Online Drivers Embarks On A Plunk Down Strike

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The drivers say the activity has gotten essential after their interests laid before their bosses have been left unattended.

As indicated by them, they are left with no other alternative than to leave on a strike to squeeze home their requests.

Drivers of online vehicle specialist co-ops, for example, Uber, Bolt, Yango, and so on have for quite a while been grumbling of uncalled-for treatment going from helpless compensation to threats they face in their line of obligation which they say “failed to attract anyone’s attention.”

Chief of the Ghana Online Drivers Union, Torgbo Jay John Wise said, “the strike activity has come to being on the grounds that it is fundamental for the public authority, public and App organizations to tune in to the drivers interests on some appropriate issues.”

The drivers have thusly settled not to go web-based start, Tuesday, May 11, in fortitude with their associates who they say “are experiencing the brunt of the out of line treatment.”

John Wise explained that there are two sorts of drivers in the web-based driving space. The individuals who own the vehicles they use and the individuals who lease the vehicles they utilize and need to pay deals each day. He clarified that the last is the “ones on the enduring side the more.”

He said practically every one of the drivers utilizing these driving applications is paid peanuts.

“When we continue to offer the types of assistance for them [riders] and we don’t get any advantages from it, what occurs? We work and we don’t get anything. We do each day and nothing is going on.”

John Wise said their activity has been maintained by the National Union and they are embraced a media visit to illuminate their individuals regarding the activity.

He thusly approached the in excess of 25,000 drivers to notice the plunk down strike to drum home their requests