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Oracle unleashes its first data center in Africa with the aim of offering cloud services across the continent

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A new data center for local cloud services in Africa has been launched by Oracle in South Africa hence rubbing shoulders with the likes of Microsoft and Amazon.

The prime aim of Oracle for 2022 is about creating at least 44 cloud regions to catch up with cloud computing competitors such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Oracle, however, has no plans of expanding its data center footprint in Africa this year but the company may do so in the coming years as it considers new markets such as West Africa.

Demand for speedier processing from African banks and telecommunication companies has moved the tase multinational cloud operators to storm the mostly unexplored market which is Africa.

With over 50 data centers in South Africa, particularly near Cape Town and Johannesburg, and fast connection supplied by a submarine communication cable, South Africa has become an important site for cloud operators.

Smaller cloud providers are also looking to catch up by focusing on having a slice of the fast-growing data localization industry.