Philippine Authorities Seize $38 Million Methamphetamine Shipment in the Port of Manila

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The Philippine Coast Guard and the local police recently confiscated 323 kilograms of methamphetamine at the Port of MANILA on 6th October. The methamphetamine is estimated to be worth approximately $38 million.

The discovery of this substantial methamphetamine shipment was made public by the Philippine Bureau of Customs, which disclosed that the seizure occurred at the Manila International Container Port. Juvymax Uy, the head of intelligence at the Customs Bureau, revealed that the container had been abandoned at the port for a long time and may have arrived as early as February. Authorities are actively pursuing leads to identify the intended recipient of the container carrying the illicit methamphetamine.

Interestingly, the container had been falsely labeled as containing beef jerky, a ruse that was initially uncovered by the Philippine Police Department. Subsequently, they promptly alerted the Philippine Coast Guard and the Bureau of Customs. An X-ray inspection of the container unveiled not just jerky but also gel, aluminum foil, and methamphetamine carefully concealed in carbon paper to evade detection. In total, 1,000 packages containing 323 kilograms of methamphetamine were discovered within the container.

This substantial methamphetamine shipment was shipped from Mexico. Mexican Cartels have been supplying methamphetamine to the Philippines since 2010, synthesizing the drug using precursor chemicals sourced primarily from China.