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Police reveals 9 dead after crane collapses in Kenya’s capital,

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Police in Kenya’s capital said Thursday that nine individuals are dead after a crane fell at a skyscraper building site in Nairobi.

The crane tower was let standing be after the jib collided with the ground.

Official Muturi Mbogo said the crane fell noontime Thursday while it was being destroyed by laborers. He said another laborer was genuinely harmed. He said the breakdown is being scrutinized.

A laborer at the site, Michael Odhiambo, said the crane fell after its work was finished on the fourteenth floor.

“It appears they didn’t understand the nuts tying it was free,” he said of individual laborers. “We heard a noisy bang, just to understand the crane was down.”

Two Chinese architects were among the people in question, Odhiambo said. The venture to assemble a 14-story understudy inn is being directed by a Chinese development firm.

Handyman Dominic Morara told the AP that he saw laborers tumble from the crane and that those on the ground escaped the region.