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Prepare for more flood – Authorities caution Nigerians

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Nigeria is likely to experience more floods in different states in the coming days, according to the Nigerian Meteorological Agency.

Since last month Nigerian states have endured a series of flooding. About 27 states across the country were reported to have been affected, with casualties running in the hundreds.

Over half a million people have been displaced and even more losing valuable property, stoking great conversation in recent times.

It however appears the worst is yet to happen.

“…from the information, we’re getting from NIHSA we’re going to see more floods. And now the rain is concentrating on the North Central and the southern states. So that will be a combination of short duration, high-intensity rain, ” Director-General, NiMet, Prof. Mansur Bako Matazu said during the opening ceremony of the workshop on Hydro-meteorological status and outlook system.

He further noted that water-associated risks are going to intensify in the coming years as the full weight of climate change begins to bear on our earth.

For years now climate experts have called for the need for measures in place to adjust to climate change but the government is yet to respond.

Poor environmental practices and unplanned infrastructure are some root causes, while Nigerian officials say this year’s flooding was caused by overflowing rivers, rainfalls that have long stretched beyond the usual season, and more historically, the release of excess water from Cameroon’s Lagdo dam.