President Nayib Bukele Reveals El Salvador Acquires 2 Million Covid-19 Vaccines From China

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Writer: Amewunoo Walter

El Salvador President, Nayib Bukele has revealed on Saturday that a million Sinavoc vaccines against covid-19 would arrive in the Central American country on Sunday as it’s coming from China. 

Taking to Twitter, the President made it known that the shots were part of the 2 million purchase they made with Sinavoc noting that the first 1 million shots were already on the route from China.

Nayib Bukele thanked China President Xi Jinping and the Chinese ambassador to El Salvador, Ou Jianhong for helping them out to acquire the shots.

The country of 6.5 million people kickstarted the immunization campaign with the Astrazeneca vaccine in the mouth of February and this delivery is a significant boost for El Salvador.

According to Bukele, the country would soon have enough vaccine to inoculate people with chronic illnesses, Senior Citizens, and other government workers like armed forces personnel, law enforcement officials, and many others.

However, the Chinese embassy has also tweeted about the imminent arrival of the vaccines in the country.