Prof. Amoako Tuffour Says Ghana Must Explore Deep Waters To Avoid Losing Oil Reserves in the Next Decade

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Government Economic Management Team Secretary, Prof. Joe Amoako-Tuffour has said that if Ghana doesn’t move into deep waters to explore oil then she risks exhausting its oil reserves the next decade.

This came up following the warning of an imminent collapse of Ghana’s petroleum industry by the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas. He has stated that for the past five years the country has not made any discovery in oil exploration but just depends on its TEN, Jubilee, and Sankofa fields.

In an interview on the tenth anniversary of PIAC, he emphasized that if Ghana wants to remain an oil producer then the situation calls for an urgent step.

He added that the future of the national oil company, GNPC, and the industry itself is at stake noting that the future depends on the country’s capacity to explore in deep waters.