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The death of Gabby Petito has thrust Brian Laundrie into the spotlight of law enforcement, but prosecutors won’t take any action until two major loose ends are closed up. In spite of being listed as a person of interest by authorities, law enforcement officials said, that Laundrie is a suspect in the case. That being said, federal prosecutors, according to our sources, are currently playing a waiting game due in part to the fact that they have no idea whether Laundrie is still alive.

Furthermore, according to our law enforcement sources, even if Gabby was murdered – which appears to be the case given that the Coroner has already ruled her death a homicide – they would need to establish who did it. According to our sources, it’s possible Laundrie abandoned Gabby in the forest and someone else killed her… whether this is likely or not, it’s still a possibility. The case will be handled by federal prosecutors because Gabby was allegedly killed on government grounds in the Grand Teton National Park.

We’ve been told by law enforcement that Laundrie is their top suspect, but charging someone with murder is a long way off. An eyewitness called 911 and stated that Laundrie had slapped and beaten Gabby just before she vanished, as we previously reported. The cause of death will be released shortly, according to the Coroner.