Protestors at Port of Newcastle Planning Ship Blockade

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Nov 23, 2023 at 07:29 in Ports by Raghib Raza


A protest group known as Rising Tide is organizing a peaceful civil disobedience protest to advocate for climate action at Australia’s largest coal port in Newcastle. Thousands of individuals are expected to join forces, planning to blockade the ships for approximately 30 hours.

The protest, named the People’s Blockade Programme, is set to commence at 10:00 hours on Saturday, November 25th, and conclude by 16:00 hours on Sunday, November 26th. Organizers anticipate a turnout of around 3000 participants.

The demonstrators are demanding that the government immediately cease approving new coal projects and halt coal exports from the PORT NEWCASTLE starting in 2030. Additionally, they are urging the government to impose a 75% tax on fossil fuel export profits to discourage further use.

They are advocating for the tax revenue to be allocated towards facilitating community and industrial transitions to renewable resources, as well as to revert the damage inflicted upon the climate and the environment.

The PORT NEWCASTLE has indicated its readiness to halt all shipping operations if safety concerns arise due to the blockade. Should the port’s operations be halted, it will impact the shipment of various commodities such as wheat, metal concentrates, aluminum, fuel, fertilizer, petroleum coke, and steel that typically pass through the port.

In related news, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted the possibility of thunderstorms and strong winds on November 25th, coinciding with the scheduled blockade.